Amazing support to help you achieve your weight loss dreams

Amazing support

We all know that eating healthily is the best way to lose weight and that building in some extra activity helps too – and our generous Food Optimising plan and lifestyle activity programme have been created to make it easier than you ever thought possible. At Slimming World, however, we know that to lose weight – and keep that weight off for life – you need something extra.

To change the habits that have formed over years — sometimes decades — slimmers need in-depth support and encouragement, and that's so much more than praise on a good week and commiseration for a bad week.

Slimming World truly is the club that cares. We promise every member that they'll be treated with genuine warmth and respect, and they'll have access to a support system like no other, offering a positive approach and real empathy and understanding throughout their weight loss journey.

Group support

At the heart of our friendly groups is a powerfully motivating session we call IMAGE Therapy. IMAGE stands for Individual Motivation And Group Experience. It's the part of the group where everyone benefits from the experiences of their fellow members – to help change habits, share healthy swaps, make decisions about the week ahead, to uncover any old habits that might be slowing your weight loss and develop strategies to overcome them.

Your Consultant also has a toolkit of motivational tools for you to use when you need them – for a weight loss boost, to get back on track or to uncover what could be sabotaging your success. It's so much more than anything you've experienced before, and it really is the key to your long-term success.

Our group sessions each week are a real inspiration and motivation – staying to group gives me a real boost for the following week.

Zoe Machin

In 8 weeks I've lost 2 stones and been Slimmer of the Week twice! My Consultant is wonderful and the support the members give is so important to me. Food Optimising is the best, easiest healthy eating plan there is. IMAGE Therapy and your fellow group members are your lifeline.

Izzy Shaw

Find your nearest warm and supportive Slimming World group today – it really is the key to your success.

Online support

We understand that for our online members – people who can't get to a group – this kind of in-depth support is just as vital in helping you achieve your weight loss dreams.

Based on our unique group support, our online programme puts you in control – leading you to the tools and information that will help you accomplish a wonderful weight loss during the weeks ahead and feel great about your stunning achievement. Our online support will help you raise your awareness of where things could go wrong and develop strategies for life-long success.

Discover more about the help that's available to you as a Slimming World Online member here…

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You'll find more delicious recipe and menu ideas at your local group, along with all the help you need to get started and reach your target weight.

What you get with group membership

  • A friendly, understanding Consultant – who’s been a member themselves
  • Image Therapy – the heart of a Slimming World group – giving you unique help, support and encouragement when you need it most
  • Loads of praise and celebrations for each weight loss milestone you achieve
  • Warmth, friendship, laughter, sharing ideas, recipes, inspirational stories and much, much more
  • Free access to dozens of online features and tools to support you between groups
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What you get with online-only membership

  • Weekly online support and motivating e-mails based on your personal progress
  • Access to motivational support tools, insightful features and special strategies to help you in the weeks ahead
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