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Brilliant benefits – it's a kind of magic!

Body Magic brings results that are so much more than simply burning a few extra calories...

Would you love…

  • to enjoy more restful sleep and wake up refreshed?
  • a body that burns energy faster?
  • firm, well-toned arms, legs and bottom?
  • a better adjusted appetite?
  • to look and feel ten years younger?
  • improved shape and posture?
  • more confidence and self-esteem?
  • to boost your immune system?
  • to have more energy and vitality?
  • to be more relaxed and less stressed?
  • to stay a healthy weight forever?
  • to help protect yourself from cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes?
  • stronger bones and joints?

Magic for your weight loss

Food Optimising without exercise will result in weight loss – it’s guaranteed!

Food Optimising with exercise, however, will bring you even greater results. Your muscles will become more toned and firm. Your metabolism will increase so you’ll burn more energy – even when you’re resting. You’ll find your appetite is naturally supressed and you could add between 1-2 stones to your weight loss over a year!

Magic for your motivation

Exercise has an amazing effect on mood and feelings of well-being. Increased energy levels, reduced stress and boosted self-confidence and self-esteem are just some of the wonderful benefits on offer – all of which make the positive change needed for lifelong weight loss success even easier.

Magic for your health

Independent of weight loss, regular moderate activity brings many health benefits, including:

  • lower blood pressure and less risk of heart disease
  • reduced risk of colon cancer, breast cancer and cancer of the uterus
  • stronger bones and joints
  • stronger muscles, better posture
  • reduced risk of diabetes

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What you get with group membership

  • Support from members – friends – who can provide a touch of inspiration to help you to get going… and keep going
  • A Body Magic booklet bursting with activity inspiration
  • Loads of ideas, hints and tips shared in group
  • In-group display boards to help you set goals and celebrate achieving them
  • FIT logs to help you plan and log your activity progress
  • Awards, certificates and loads of congratulations from your fellow members
  • Free online access to dozens of features that will inspire and motivate you
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What you get with online-only membership

  • A Body Magic booklet bursting with activity inspiration (Gold membership only)
  • Awards and congratulations for every activity goal achieved
  • Dozens of features to inspire and motivate you
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