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It's when things aren't going well that slimmers need extra support – in-depth support – and as well as celebrating the many very successful weeks you'll enjoy, Slimming World Online's support system has been developed to closely identify with the issues we face and how we feel – deep down – when we're not losing weight.

The weekly help you'll receive is the next best thing to the in-depth support members receive in groups. Slimming World Online puts you in control, giving you access to a series of unique and enlightening motivational tools, along with helpful step-by-step guides offering awareness, empathy and understanding as you work through the solutions you think will help you most in the weeks ahead.

It really is so much more than praise for a good week and tips/features for the days ahead. Slimming World Online will guide you in making healthy changes to the way you shop, cook and eat. During your membership you'll receive unlimited access to our interactive tools, including the online food diary, menu planner and 1,400 searchable recipes giving you an abundance of ideas for meals and snacks, and a wealth of features to help you sail through holidays, eating out, soclialising and more — and enjoy a wonderful weight loss each week.

Our interactive motivational tools include:

  • Look to the future with Visualisation – a relaxing audio-feature to help you to achieve and, more importantly, maintain your new slim shape.
  • Give yourself a touch more flexibility with Flexible Syns and you'll be giving yourself a real chance of success, for life.
  • The SAS log is an incredibly powerful tool that will help you discover where you might be subconsciously sabotaging your weight loss and aim to make subtle changes each day until self-sabotage is a thing of the past… and a healthy, slim future yours for the taking!
  • Make a For & Against list – and tap into the deeper reasons which have shaped how you behave today and which may make you resist being slim. Once you uncover these reasons, you can at last do something to protect yourself.

Join Slimming World Online today and take the first step to a brand new, slimline you – all at the touch of a button.


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It’s perfect for everyone who can’t get to a Slimming World group – recipes, menus, features, successes, interactive tools and more. Sign up today for your first 3 months...and start to reveal the real you!

lose weight online

What you get with
online-only membership

  • 1,600 delicious recipes – all searchable by ingredient, meal-type and preparation time
  • Create your own daily menus in a moment!
  • Dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian – whatever your dietary need or preference, our Healthy Eating plan will fit perfectly!
  • You set your own weight loss target – we’ll help you get there!
  • Keep track with easy-to-use online directories and food diary
  • Get fit for life – at your own pace – with our activity programme, challenges, tracker and awards
  • Enter your weight once a week in the privacy of your own home then celebrate your success with awards galore!
  • Overcome difficult weeks with unique motivation and behavioural support based on your personal progress
  • To help you through tricky times there's live chat support for new members
  • 24/7, world-wide access to hundreds of features – for hints, tips and support when you need them most!
lose weight online

What you get with
group membership

  • A very warm welcome – whichever group you join!
  • A friendly and highly trained Consultant to guide and support you
  • The promise of no humiliation or judgment – just care, support and encouragement
  • The most effective support there is – Image Therapy
  • Support and advice, not just in your group, but during the week too
  • Free life membership when you achieve your Personal Achievement Target*
  • Free online access to our exclusive members-only website, LifelineOnline
  • Price information
    • Pay weekly or sign up for 6 or 12 weeks – boosting your commitment and saving £££s!
    • Once you've joined, you'll pay Just £4.95 / €9 weekly (less for senior citizens) or £4.12 / €7.50 a week or less with a 6 or 12 week Countdown course!
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