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Q and A with Margaret

You’ve found your way to Slimming World’s website, congratulations you’ve already taken the first step towards a brighter, lighter, slimmer future – fantastic! It’s only natural to have questions. Let us reassure you that Slimming World is like nothing you’ve ever tried before. With Slimming World success will be yours – guaranteed!

With over 45 years of insight into the slimming industry, and still brimming with the passion and drive that inspired her to open the very first Slimming World group in 1969, Margaret Miles-Bramwell continues to be the driving force behind Slimming World today. Here Margaret answers your questions about losing weight, healthy eating and why Slimming World is different…

your questions answered...

I’ve tried loads of diets and nothing works – why should Slimming World?

I’ve tried dieting before... I was always so hungry!

I got fed up counting calories and weighing everything – life’s too short!

Tasteless diet food, tiny portions and massive expense – it’s not for me!

I want to eat with my family, not have separate meals.

I can’t get to a group. Can you help me lose weight?

I got bored and de-motivated with dieting

I didn’t want to reach the target they set for me!

I don’t want everyone to know my weight or be made to feel guilty for not losing!

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  • Recipe and menu ideas for every occasion
  • Family friendly eating in and eating out ideas!
  • Our fabulous lifestyle activity programme, Body Magic
  • Awards and celebrations for every achievement
  • Loads of help, encouragement and motivation when you need it most
  • Slimming strategies that will help you lose weight beautifully and keep slim for life!
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