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Nowadays, many of us use social media apps on our Smartphone. While they’re fab for a million and one things including staying connected with friends, catching up on news and following famous faces, a recent survey by Slimming World revealed that social media can make people who are struggling with their weight feel anxious.

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The results showed that four in 10 people have turned down an opportunity to attend an occasion because of the thought of unflattering social media photos – with weddings, nights out with friends and trips to the beach the most commonly spoiled occasions.

The survey revealed that many slimmers had developed tactics to try to avoid being in the photo, including hiding behind other people in photographs, offering to take the picture and making excuses not to be in the pic.

Be snap happy

Social media can be a really positive place, too – especially for slimmers.

Eight out of 10 people have received personal encouragement on social media, whether it’s a compliment about their weight loss, a supportive message or a ‘like’ at the just the right moment.

87% of people surveyed say that getting real people’s tips and ideas and real people’s weight loss results inspires them on their journey, while 91% are inspired by transformation photos (who hasn’t been wowed by a slimming superstar on Instagram?!).

Losing weight was found to improve self-belief and 80% of slimmers say they now feel more confident on social media, with 91% saying they feel more confident in general.

Expert psychologist Dr Papadopoulos says: “There’s no doubt that surrounding yourself with positive real people who’ll support and inspire you helps build confidence and self-esteem. That’s why support groups like Slimming World are so effective when it comes to people making healthy lifestyle changes to lose weight.

“Getting support from a friendly community will give you the inspiration, support and belief to make the changes you want to make and to reach your personal happy weight.”

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Slimming World members are using the hashtag #BeSnapHappy alongside #SWBeInspired to encourage people to share pictures of themselves at their most confident and inspiring.

The campaign aims to inspire people to never let social media photo worry stop them from living their best life.

Being part of a caring and supportive community allows people to be confident and proud on social media and inspires them to achieve their goals.

Find your nearest Slimming World group here to start your own weight loss journey. 


Read the full press release here.

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