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Free2go for teens

Support for 11-15 year olds – free of charge

Free2go teens

Slimming World offers fantastic, free support for teenagers. We launched our young members programme in January 2006 and each year we help over 10,000 young members, with their families, to live healthier lives.

It’s no secret that children are eating less healthily, have a less active lifestyle and are suffering from weight-related problems like diabetes at a much earlier age. It’s an incredibly sensitive area, and it’s one where most organisations have been reluctant to offer solutions.

To help young people in the very best way we can, we’ve created Free2Go – a specially devised healthy eating plan, which focuses on the power of Free Food and Healthy Extras and encourages the step-by-step reduction of less healthy foods like burgers, chocolate and confectionary.

Building a healthy future

Slimming World is the first and only weight loss organisation to offer real, practical help to children. Children between the ages of 11-15 can attend Slimming World for free*. The focus for our young members is well and truly on healthy eating – not weight loss. There’s absolutely no pressure to lose weight – just lots of praise as they take on board healthy lifestyle changes. Every young member also receives an easy-to-follow booklet as part of their new member pack. The Free2Go eating plan is super-simple – there’s no counting, no measuring and no worrying. And because we understand the pressure young people face we help them make positive lifestyle changes that fit with their school-life, home-life and social-life.

*Children must be accompanied by their parent/guardian or family member who has responsibility for their meals/eating habits at home. If the adult is already a member of Slimming World, there’s no extra charge. If the accompanying adult isn’t a member we charge a reduced weekly fee of £3.95/€7.50 plus joining fee for our help and advice. For more information read our Free2Go FAQ pages.

A family-friendly eating plan

Because our 11-15s service involves the adult responsible for the teenager’s eating, we find the plan also helps parents make small but important adjustments to the way they shop and cook for the family.

Discounts for 16 and 17 year olds too

The school leaving age has gone up, so our weekly fee for 16 and 17 year olds has gone down! It’s just £3.95 / €7.50 a week.

Join a Slimming World group today to get free support for your loved ones. Enter your postcode to find your nearest group where your friendly and supportive Slimming World Consultant will give you more information about Free2Go.

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What you get with
group membership

  • The support of a caring, fully trained Consultant
  • Friendship, understanding and shared laughter with your fellow members
  • A bumper member pack - everything you need to lose weight beautifully for your first week… and for life! It includes:
    • full details of our famous Extra Easy plan, plus Original and Green choices
    • your very own personal progress record
    • Choose Success – packed with motivation and tips galore
    • Body Magic book to help you boost your weight loss and get fit for life!
  • Free online access to our group members’ website, LifelineOnline
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What you get with
online membership

  • A totally online service that uses Slimming World’s tried and tested methods
  • Slimming World magazine subscription when you join our ‘silver’ membership package!
  • Your own Food Optimising and Body Magic book when you join our ‘gold’ membership package!
  • Full online details of our famous Extra Easy plan, plus Original and Green choices
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