Busting slimming club misconceptions

If you’ve ever watched Little Britain, you’d be forgiven (or at least almost forgiven!) for thinking that slimming clubs are the last place on earth you’d find the help and support you need to lose weight. Marjorie Dawes has a lot to answer for!

We can’t speak for the UK’s other slimming clubs, however Slimming World – the UK’s most advanced slimming club – bears no resemblance whatsoever to Fat Fighters!  Discover the big differences below…

Busting slimming club misconception #1:

Members are mercilessly belittled and humiliated about their weight

The Slimming World way:

We promise each and every member that we will never announce your weight to the group, only your weight change. There's no room for any kind of humiliation at our slimming club – just warmth, understanding and non-judgemental support.

Busting slimming club misconception #2:

Terrifying leaders tell you what weight you should be and how much you should lose

The Slimming World way:

Every single one of our Consultants have been Slimming World members themselves and have been recruited for their warm, compassionate, caring nature. Their role is to inspire and encourage you to reach whatever personal achievement target you set for yourself.

Busting slimming club misconception #3:

Unless it’s ‘dust’, you’ll have to cut out your favourite foods – from cake and biscuits to fish and chips!

The Slimming World way:

At Slimming World no food or drink is banned. In fact, having a little of what you fancy every day really does make weight loss easier! In group you'll hear about members tucking into healthy versions of their favourite foods as well as traditional treats such as chocolate. And if you want to know more about the fabulous food you can enjoy at Slimming World, visit our healthy eating section.

Busting slimming club misconception #4:

Members sit quietly in rows while the club leader lectures them on weight loss; it’s like being at school!

The Slimming World way:

Our seating arrangement makes sure everyone can see and talk to each other, and the heart of each group – IMAGE Therapy (which stands for Individual Motivation And Group Encouragement) – gives every member the opportunity to share their weight loss success with each other, along with help, tips, recipes, laughter and friendship. 

Busting slimming club misconception #5:

Members are punished or humiliated if they gain weight!

The Slimming World way:

There’s no way on earth we would treat anyone like that! We’re all human, we all have difficult weeks and at those times we need support and understanding – not belittling and humiliating tactics. Every one of our 2,500 Consultants has been trained to give you the very best support there is at these times. Using a wealth of unique Slimming World motivational tools, they’ll help you recognise when you could be sabotaging your slimming and empower you to develop a strategy to overcome them for life-long success.

Whether it’s the girl guides, cycling, knitting or slimming, clubs are there for like-minded people to support each other and enjoy each other’s company.  And at a slimming club like Slimming World – the members and Consultant – will support you from the very first time you walk through the doors of the group and all the way to your self-set weight loss target (whether you want to lose a stone or ten stones!)

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What you get with group membership

  • A friendly, understanding Consultant – who’s been a member themselves
  • Image Therapy – the heart of a Slimming World group – giving you unique help, support and encouragement when you need it most
  • Loads of praise and celebrations for each weight loss milestone you achieve
  • Warmth, friendship, laughter, sharing ideas, recipes, inspirational stories and much, much more
  • Free access to dozens of online features and tools to support you between groups
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What you get with online-only membership

  • Weekly online support and motivating e-mails based on your personal progress
  • Access to motivational support tools, insightful features and special strategies to help you in the weeks ahead
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